About Me


I’m Janet, the mad scientist umm creator behind Controlled Chaos.  The title so aptly suits my world on a daily basis.  As we are finally approaching fall here on the Gulf Coast, my life is slowly settling down to a semblance of normalcy.  Which means, youth football is almost over, Middle School football has one more regular season game (and the play-offs…yayy 8th grade Warriors), my daughters youth cheer squad is done, except for any playoffs, the kids are in school, Halloween is just days away which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  My favorite holiday.

What does all of this means to me..and in turn to those of you reading this…it means that I will be cooking and baking and creating lots and lots of yummies, which we really shouldn’t be consuming.  What are the holidays for though if not to spend with family and friends over a nice cup of steaming spiced cider (or coffee) a freshly baked scone, slice of pie, tray of cookies, fudge and other tasties; I ask you?  Last year we had planned to make gift baskets of goodies to send to family and friends…that did not work out as well as we had hoped, mainly because we (Mikayla and I) were overly ambitious and decided to make the baskets from paper mache.  Not the best of ideas in the southern humid environment, where paste takes days upon days to dry properly.

Before I get carried away with myself here, I am recreating Controlled Chaos and it will simply be a place to share the different household adventures that we (mainly Mikayla and I, maybe Hunter) undertake.


Well it has been a couple of years since last writing this post, not much has happened or changed.  I am employed, the kids are two years older and while I may not have acquired a year’s worth of food or an armory of firearms and ammo; the one thing I have acquired is knowledge.  And what I hope is a better understanding not only of what can happen but the mindset that will be required not to just get by but to survive and thrive.  I hope you enjoy getting to know myself and my family through the shared material.

Check the Page Links at the top to link to the different pages(adventures that we discover).


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