Thoughts for the Future

While political views are not necessarily part and parcel with prepping, survival, and the like.  With the results of the recent 2012 Presidential election, my thoughts turned to the future and what it would hold in store for this great nation.  I had been slowly inching into being prepared, simply because we are a single income family and prepping can be an expensive habit.  Due to recent happenings in our great country,  I have decided to find more ways to become prepared for whatever the future may hold.  Starting with a list is always the first step in any endeavor.   Even D aka the dear husband; who will from this point on be referred to as D simply because it is what we always call him, is getting involved since apparently I’m not as crazy as previously thought.  Here is the list though not in any particular order.

  • Skills
  • Land
  • Water
  • Food
  • Weapons, ammunition, defensive and offensive training
  • Generator with correct fuel
  • Power sources (hydro, solar, generator etc)
  • Transportation (motorized and animals eg horses)
  • Medical Supplies
  • Personal Hygiene products(toothpaste, toilet tissue, soap etc)
  • Clothing, fabric and such
  • Books (reference, educational and entertainment)
  • Tools (both powered and hand… gardening, woodworking, metal working etc)
  • Firewood (must have time to season properly)

This list is sure to grow and change over time with more research, but for now this is a good beginning.  As each item is researched,  I will write a post about my discoveries and link it to the item itself.


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